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Ken Rimple


Ken Rimple

Ken Rimple is the Director of Training and Mentoring Services for Chariot Solutions. He and his team deliver instruction in a variety of subjects, including React and Redux, Angular w/TypeScript, AngularJS, Javascript and other frameworks and tools. He has written and delivered training in React, Angular with TypeScript, and AngularJS, in the form of two-to-three day courses. He mentors both employees and clients, delivers on-site private training and speaks at conferences and user groups about Single Page Application development techniques on a regular basis. Ken is also an author of Manning’s Spring Roo in Action, which was published in 2012. He blogs about React, Angular, AngularJS, Spring and other topics on Chariot's blog. He has co-chaired a number of Chariot conferences, including ETE 2009-2017, Cloud-Con East in 2008, and the Philly Grails Conference in 2009. He is responsible for curating content from ETE and other conferences in the form of screencasts and podcasts.

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