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Daniel Wharton


Daniel Wharton

As Amino’s VP of Engineering, Daniel leads the overarching strategy for the processing and infrastructure that deliver Amino’s products. With nearly two decades of experience managing and scaling internet startups, Daniel is thrilled to work with other leaders in their fields on a transformative product with boundless opportunities in the digital advertising and tech spaces.

Daniel began working professionally as a teenager when he engineered an ISP to bring connectivity to NJ public schools with T1s, frame relay, and BSD Unix. His early .com career was focused on high-volume direct marketing and ad tech. Later, he moved into engineering very large backend and data platforms, growing his consulting firm, DW3 LLC, to nearly $700K in annual revenue. His clients included dating, streaming, and large brands like Jango Radio (10M+ monthly users), SNAP Interactive (social and dating apps with 50M+ users), Livestream, howardstern.com, Spring Moves, and PetSmart.

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