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XR Exploration at Jefferson

As part of a week-long celebration of technology and innovation in Philadelphia – Philly Tech Week – Jefferson – East Falls will be hosting a science-track event exploring uses of virtual, augmented and blended reality in practical use at Jefferson.

The event will showcase the different, practical, ways XR technologies are being utilized at Jefferson’s East Falls campus. Guests are invited to explore an exhibit space where members of the Jefferson campus community will demonstrate how they have utilized XR technology in their own fields. HP will also be on hand to demonstrate a trio of their own XR related technologies. The zSpace display, the HP Sprout 3D scanning platform and the ZVR backpack VR computer.


Evan McNaught & Team (Student): AR (augmented reality) Sandbox, a literal sandbox that projects a topographical map onto the sand surface that dynamically updates as users alter the terrain with their hands or tools. Designed based on plans provided by Univ. of CA, Davis.

Danielle Schipps (Student): Collaborative VR spaces for architecture illustrating how two individuals can exist in the same virtual space even if they are separated in physical space by using the power of the Internet and the Prospect VR plugin for the Revit design software.

Stefano Notarianni (Student): Exploration of marketing and branding techniques utilizing embedded AR codes on physical materials. Allowing for a far greater, more dynamic, amount of information to be contained in an otherwise static format.

Jefferson’s Intro to VR Course (Instructor, Freddie Freeman): Will be presenting student made work such as a 360 Video campus tour as well as a virtual student gallery focusing on the history of technology. We’d love for you to try on the HTC Vive, explore VR with the Google Daydream, or check out our 360 Gopro Camera Rig. Former and current VR students will be on hand to answer questions, as well as facilitate live demos.

Kristian D Bocage (Student): HTC Vive Demo

Babs Hansen (Student): 360° Storytelling

Brooke Wimberley (Student): Virtual Gallery

Vraj Shah (Student): VR User Research

Adam Beauchner (Student): 360° GoPro Camera Rig Demo

Abdulghani Alsaigh (Student): VR Post Production

Alex Marino (Student): Google DayDream

Peter Aston (Student): 360 Video Documentation of Event

Our campus is located in East Falls, right off of Henry Drive and School House Rd parking is available but limited so please consider carpooling or using a transport service to pay us a visit if possible. Check our Eventbrite page (under the register button) for campus map and parking directions.

Jefferson East Falls
4201 HENRY AVENUE 19144
Philadelphia, PA 19144
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