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Field LabX: Innovation By Design *Sold Out*

Field LabX and Think Company have teamed up to create an immersive UX research and design experience. Join us for an evening of hands-on skills training that will challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone, learn about a new audience, and collaboratively innovate on a user-focused solution. Through these experiences, you’ll develop the skills to become a more empathetic innovator within your organization.

This intensive was crafted especially with people outside of the field of design in mind. Marketers, product managers, biz dev leaders, developers, and administrators - this is for you!

Throughout the experience, we’ll focus on a single case study as the lens through which we’ll learn about and practice UX research and design. We'll uncover user needs, make sense of findings, and use insights to create empathetic solutions to everyday business challenges.

After completing this Field LabX experience, you’ll walk away with everything you need to create user-focused solutions for everyday business challenges—no matter your industry or field. You’ll be armed with the necessary skills to understand your audience, create solutions that solve for their needs, and effectively communicate your vision.

This Field Lab's case study will focus on REC Philly, an organization that provides resources and support for musicians in Philadelphia. The team at REC Philly has invited us backstage to get inside access to some of Philly’s most entrepreneurial musicians. You’ll apply principles of UX research and design to better understand this community, uncover their challenges and pain points, and create solutions with them in mind.

Rec Philly Rec Room
2301 N. 9th St. 19133
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