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Clarip Data Privacy Roundtable

Clarip CEO Andy Sambandam and Director of the Clarip Data Privacy Group Robert Melton, Esq., will lead a roundtable discussion on the implications of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica news and the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for the business and startup community in Philadelphia.

The events of this spring have put to rest the notion that no one cares about privacy. Privacy practices at Facebook and other technology companies have been heavily scrutinized by the U.S. Government, media and the public. Consumers have made their concerns over privacy known through the #deleteFacebook movement. The world's leading data privacy and protection law will go into effect in May in Europe. And it appears that Congressional action on privacy via the House BROWSER Act or the Senate CONSENT Act is inevitable.

Big data and data-driven decision making have changed the world over the past decade. But the Data Revolution's practices concerning data collection, usage and sharing will need to mature in order to continue to have access to the personal data of the public.

Data privacy and protection are now critical components of any successful business. Facebook's lax privacy practices cost it billions in shareholder value and perhaps even more in loss of consumer trust. The GDPR has also increased the penalties available for poor privacy practices, which will be up to 4% of annual revenue. Most businesses can't afford to suffer such a loss and need to make changes now to improve their privacy practices.

Join us for a light continental breakfast and discussion of how businesses will alter their privacy practices in light of this climate to ensure that your business keeps or gains a competitive advantage. The event is free, but please RSVP. Space is limited.

The event will be held at 2001 Market Street, Suite 2500 at Make Offices. PLEASE NOTE: This location is across the street from the original spot. We have moved it in order to accommodate more people!

Make Offices
2001 Market St. 19103
Suite 2500
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