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AI and Machine Learning: Impact on Customer Experience

How will the coming maturity of AI and machine learning impact customer experience?

AI and machine learning are still just peeking over the horizon, but it’s remarkable how much businesses will able to accomplish in the next couple of years simply by rethinking their approach to customers, data, and existing content. And, most of the work to come is foundational. For many organizations, this effort is already underway, but for others, they’ll face a more transformational approach to updating or overhauling existing processes and approaches. The time for change is now.

Brands that want to compete in the future must take the right steps to prepare for AI and machine learning as they rapidly mature. It will be the competitive advantage that allows brands to win by delivering better, more personalized content that improves customer experience.

In this panel event, join Hero’s leadership team as they explore the potential changes AI can make to the CX landscape. Whether you’re a marketer, a technologist, or just a discerning consumer, you’ll walk away with insights into the new standards and expectations of the business/customer relationship.

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